Kramer Pacer Classic

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Kramer Pacer Classic

During the shred boom of the mid- 1980s, Kramer was the #1 selling electric guitar brand in the world, and its fast, powerful designs set the pace for countless other makers to follow. Endorsements from no less than Vivian Campbell, Edward Van Halen, Jeff Golub, Brad Gillis, Neil Schon, and Richie Sambora proved that the company was hitting the mark for top-flight professionals. And at the center of it all, the Kramer Pacer was the cornerstone model. Now, the Kramer Pacer Classic embodies the original model from 1983 in a new, contemporary shred machine for the hardest rocking, fastest riffing players out there in the 21st century.

The current Pacer Classic features a Mahogany body and a Maple neck with Maple fretboard; a volume control for each pickup; master tone control; three-way mini toggle pickup selector switch; 25.5" scale length; and black hardware. It's available in Black, White or Red, and as Steel Panther's Satchel told recently, "I’ve got a white Kramer Pacer, and that just goes with every outfit. That’ll go with my purple spandex, my zebra spandex, everything. And I’ve got a lot of spandex, so it’s good to have a versatile guitar that’ll go with your spandex."

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